MIKE ROWLAND TANZANIA LIMITED is a reliable and trustworthy full service Mechanical and Company registered under the Companies act no 12 of 2002 with Registration Certificate No.63881 issued on 23rd January 2008. Mike Rowland Tanzania Ltd is also registered as a Mechanical Specialist Contractor Class Three in the field of Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance of Oil and Gas Infrastructure with Contractors Registration Board (CRB) in 2018 as Local contractor.

The Company's main objective is to carry on the Business of Mechanical works in areas of Metal Fabrication, ARC welding & TIG WELDING and Gas Welding, PIPE WORKS and Sheet works, Insulation and CLADDING of Boilers, Steam Pipes, Hot Tanks, Chilled water pipes, Cold insulation piping, Painting, Ducting, Supply of Aluminum Sheets, G1 Sheets, Preformed Lagging, Rockwool, Screws and Sales. We also do Shaft Alignment In Laser Shaft Alignment, In Dial Indicators and Straight Edge Also we can supply SKF Shaft Alignment Tools.


To be one of the most leading prime or main contractor responsible for the overall coordination of projects in mechanical works, as for now we get hired as subcontractors to perform specific tasks as part of an overall project.


Our Company is managed by qualified Technical personnel. Workshops are managed by qualified workshop managers who are experienced in running the workshop reporting to our Technical Director based in Arusha and monthly visited to solve any unresolved matters.

We have qualified and talented Technical advanced team  members in the industry to meet our clients needs and requirements. We are offering competitive industrial quality and affordable parts and services.

Commitment to customer satisfaction is our goal, achieved by pursuit of excellence inall aspects with high Technical skills, Communication and Team Work. This helps us to reduce delays in delivery and provides high degree of flexibility in meeting customer demands.

We apply our professionalism for to undertake professional jobs. We provide technical report on work performed. Our services offered on Customer Service Contract (CSC)/- Customer Service Agreement (CSA) of which we enter contracts with Clients in Annual/semi annual/ or quarter annual contracts/agreement basis. We offering services on win win situation.

Innovation in Every Weld